Study Abroad Programs

We are not defined by the cars we drive, neither by the clothes we wear; we are defined by our experiences. “We are the sum total of our experiences, those experiences, make us the persons we are” B.J. Neblett.

We at Learning Gaps Center (LGC), believe that education does not just occur in the classroom. Education occurs in the streets, in the homes, and more so education occurs through our interactions with people who are diverse and different from us. Our center is privileged to have consultants who have studied, lived, and worked locally and abroad. They bring varied global experiences.

We assist the youth in making appropriate career decisions both at home and also abroad. In the career center, you will be provided with information that you need to know about studying abroad. We will provide you with information on the institutions of higher learning in other countries and on how to prepare yourself psychologically in your journey to studying abroad. Having networks and partners in various other countries, both within the continent and overseas, we establish networks with institutions of higher learning through their international students’ and scholar offices, to ensure that your transition is smooth and less bumpy. We will also provide you information on the placement tests such as GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT among others to gain admission in international institutions.