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In your lifetime, how many hours will you spend working?

How many hours, will an average person spend working during his/her lifetime?

Let’s do the math: Most typical jobs require that you work for at least 8 hours in a day, meaning you work for 40 hours in a week, which translates to 1842 hours per year, and 92, 120 hours over a lifetime. Assuming you start working at 18 years old and retire at 67 years old, this, by all means, is a big proportion of your life. Therefore, you have to be proactive and prepare for the rest of your working life by making sure you get into a career that you are passionate about.

Finding the right work and/or career that fits your goals is the best decision that you could make for yourself.

At Learning Gaps Center (LGC)we believe that every person needs to get involved in a vocation or career that they are passionate about. We at LGC,will help you fulfill your unique purpose and the destiny that you were created for. We will help you navigate the murky and, sometimes confusing paths of career exploration. We have a dynamic team of professionals and career consultants, who will assist you in exploring your passion, personality, purpose and problem, through the various personality and career placement tests. You shall also have an opportunity to explore, with the assistance of our team, both local and international opportunities in education, careers and a variety of study abroad programs.

We have a regularly updated database on the offerings of the various institutions of higher education and tertiary colleges and we will establish their accreditation status of the institutions from the various accrediting bodies.If you could like to do our career exploration quizzes, Click Here >>

If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life: Marc Anthony ( American Musician)